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Is your commercial property in need of increased security? Maybe your current gate is broken or damaged? Heston Door Service offers comprehensive commercial gate services, including gate installation, gate repair and maintenance, and custom gate design. We strive to provide the best quality gate for your business or commercial property in Mill Creek, Snohomish, Monroe, and surrounding areas.

What we offer

We offer gate services for a variety of commercial properties, including but not limited to:
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Transportation facilities
  • Port authorities
  • Parking lots
  • Storage facilities
  • Apartment complexes 

Commercial Gate Styles

Heston Door Service specializes in the following types of commercial gates:
Slider gates are great for properties with insufficient space for a swing-style gate to open and close. Slider gates are installed on a track or a cantilever system, allowing the gate to slide up and down easily. We see this type of gate frequently when it comes to high-security applications.
Swing-style gates are hung along a frame and swing back and forth when opened and closed. The gate doors usually swing open 90 degrees, making it best suited for spaces where no upward movement is available.

Cantilever gates are a type of slider gate installed on a cantilever system instead of rollers on a ground track. The gate is moved back and forth via the roller wheels mounted to the gate post. 


A fully automated gate from Heston Door Service adds value and security to your commercial property. Our team knows how to properly install your gate, ensuring that there are minimal mechanical problems down the road. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair services for all styles of our commercial gates.

Commercial Gate Maintenance & Repair

Quick and Exceptional Service You Can Rely On Our commercial gate maintenance and repair services ensure your gate operates safely and efficiently.
For all styles of gates, our team performs a thorough inspection followed by routine maintenance procedures and repairs.

On Slider Gates, we inspect the following:


  • Chain and v groove wheel and track
  • Bearings and bushings in the motor 
  • Safety features 
  • All gate accessories 
  • Entrapment devices
  • Remotes
  • Safety bump edges 
  • Loop detectors 


Following your inspection, we grease and maintain your v groove track and wheel. 

On Swing gates, we inspect the following: 


  • Bearings and pivots
  • Chains
  • Actuator arms
  • Underground wiring and conduits
  • Entrapment devices
  • Exit loop
  • Photo eyes
  • Force shut off 
  • All gate accessories
  • Remotes
  • Safety bump edges 
  • Loop detectors 

On Cantilever gates, we inspect the following: 


  • Toobs and castors
  • Chain and v groove wheel and track
  • Bearings and bushings in the motor 
  • Safety features 
  • All gate accessories 
  • Entrapment devices
  • Photo eyes 
  • Loops detectors 
  • Whole bearings 
  • Remotes 
  • Safety bump edges 

Our team will carefully service your commercial gate, leaving no detail overlooked. We are here for all your gate repair needs in the Monroe area.

Custom Gate Design

Creating the perfect gate for your commercial property

We offer custom gate design services to help you achieve that one-of-a-kind gate you envision.
When you work with Heston Door Service for your custom gate design, we help you decide on:
Whether it’s an outdoor gate, metal fence gate, swing, or slide, we use our years of experience to perfect the best design. Our custom gates are functional, quality, and built to last.

The Heston Difference

Here are just a few of the reasons Heston Door Service stands out amongst our competitors:

Customer Responsiveness

We offer same-day estimates and 24-hour emergency services. Our responsiveness has led to strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers. The support you need when you need it!

Organized & Efficient

We strive to remain organized and efficient no matter the size or scope of the job. This allows us to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Passionate Team

Our team is passionate about what we do and how we do it. Trust that you are in good hands with Heston Door Service.

High-Quality Work

We partner our industry expertise with high-quality materials and techniques. At the end of the day, our job is to leave you with garage doors made to last.

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